Start up advice

Startups disrupt incumbents by creating new pro-consumer business models (cheaper products), better user experiences (easier products), and more agile processes (faster evolving products). But this will get much more difficult going forward. Future business models and user experiences will be driven largely by Artificial Intelligence and deep Personalization. Since data is the fuel of AI … Continue reading Start up advice

Rest In Peace Dick Gregory #legend #comedian #actor #humanitarian #civilrights #activist

One of the greatest civil rights activist in the world has passed away, but not his legacy ! The one & only Mr. Dick Gregory a real man who had a lot of great wisdom & was not afraid to speak his mind!! I am truly sadden , but we will continue to march on … Continue reading Rest In Peace Dick Gregory #legend #comedian #actor #humanitarian #civilrights #activist

Wise words

👉A man saw a snake was burning in fire and decided to take it out of the fire, but while taking it out, the snake bit him. By the reaction of pain, the man released his hand and the snake fell back into the fire and started burning again. The man tried to pull it out again and again the snake bit him repeatedly. Someone who was watching it asked the man - Don't you understand that every time you try to get it out of the fire, its gonna bite? The man replied: - the nature of the snake is bitting, and that's not going to change mine, which is to help. So, with the help of a piece of iron, the man took out the snake and saved its life. Do not change your nature if someone does harm to you you do not lose your nature only take precautions.🐍

Chances of becoming a #millionaire - 1%Chances of becoming a #billionaire - .00002%Chances of winning the #lottery - .000001%Chances of being #born - .000000001%You had a 1 in 400 #TRILLION chance to be born.... You won the day you took your first breath.What are you doing with your winnings?Have a great day and make it … Continue reading

Bentley Unveils the Even More Exclusive Bentayga Mulliner

has just unveiled its most exclusive SUV, the Bentayga Mulliner. Featuring a two-tone paint scheme, the look will first be introduced on the Bentayga Mulliner before becoming an option for the rest of Bentley’s lineup this April. The vehicle also boasts exclusive 22-inch wheels with floating centers to keep the badge upright, with unique badging … Continue reading Bentley Unveils the Even More Exclusive Bentayga Mulliner