The Content War

The Content War

Snapchat is moving into original content by the end of the year.

Apple said to be spending $1 billion on original content in 2018

Amazon is already spending over $4.5 billion on original content this year.

Twitter unveiled early this year a robust slate of new premium live streaming content deals across sports, news, and entertainment

Facebook launched a new Watch video platform to compete with YouTube this year. FB is willing to spend 3 million per episode in original content.

YouTube already spends an estimated $5 billion a year on content.

Netflix’s content budget for 2017 is $6 billion.

If you have any doubt about the future, you just need to follow the money.

The future is in the premium video for mobile.

This is good news for consumers, bad news for the broadcast industry.

In a winner take all economy, the ones with the biggest network and budgets are liked it to win in the long-run.

My money goes to Amazon, Facebook, and Youtube.

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