How would you score yourself?

Below are some things that are key to getting ahead. How would you score yourself?

  1. Be someone that others want to work with:
  • Upbeat

  • Cooperative

  • Interested in the success of the group

  • Not political

…and develop advocates

  1. Work on the right projects
  • Significant impact

  • Important to your boss

  • Visible

  1. Do your core job well.
  • Know your job better than your boss does

  • Propose solutions and next steps – don’t ask for them

  • Develop the skills necessary to effectively perform your work…and to effectively communicate what and how you did

  1. Be willing to do things others may not be willing to do
  • Get your hands dirty

  • Do hard things

  • Be flexible to being moved to projects where you are needed most

  1. Think beyond yourself
  • Solve problems and learn things that are meaningful/helpful to the entire team

  • Know your boss’ interests and priorities and projects that s/he dislikes or is not good at and regularly look for opportunities to aid her/him across all of these

  1. Think big and creatively
  • Pursue something that wouldn’t happen if you weren’t there.
  1. Ensure that your boss and advocates know:
  • Of your goals/ambitions (what do you want?)

  • Your accomplishments

…by documenting them and communicating them a humble but crystal clear fashion

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