Google Shares the Latest Plans for Its Mountain View Campus

Google recently unveiled the latest plans for its tent-like Mountain View campus. Originally announced in 2015, multiple set backs have delayed Google’s But following a land swap with LinkedIn last July, both companies can now build their desired headquarters. The latest renders of the Mountain View campus display a tent-like design that features a large canopy which will regulate indoor climate, air quality and sound. Located on the outskirts of the existing Googleplex, the latest edition is meant to complement the company’s existing buildings in the vicinity. The space will serve as a community hub with the ground floor being open to the public dawn to dusk. The floor will house restaurants and shops along with a public plaza with countless open spaces. Additionally, the surrounding natural spaces and park areas will feature pedestrian walkways and bike paths. Google employees will work on the second floor of the building in “highly flexible and reconfigurable” spaces. Following approval by the Mountain View City Council, construction is set to last 30 months. Check out Google’s plans for its Mountain View campus above and let us know what you think.

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